colder than…


It was cold. I was cold. The gnawing feeling of blue seemed to blanket all around me, knotting my muscles, making it hard to ignore the feeling that I was freezing to death. Pale white, my hands fumbled along the rough edges of my coat, searching for the pockets that would be warmer, should be warmer, at least a bit more comfortable than outside the jacket where it was colder and damper than hell, even though hell was supposed to be warm, and I knew that it was a dumb simile to use, but it seemed better than describing the cold as ‘colder than shit’, which was even more of a stretch. To me, it didn’t matter how I put it, because it was cold, I was cold, and was confused and damp, standing outside alone and lost on a drab sidewalk that stretched far off into the hovering cloud that flittered just inches from the ground.

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