I hung up the phone and rubbed my eyes. They were stinging and the heat wasn’t helping.
Distractedly I tuned the radio throughout the entire AM and FM bands. There was nothing but static occasionally interspaced with broken country tunes. It didn’t matter anyway, because I was too tired to care.
I hadn’t slept in weeks. Maybe months. How could I sleep? Every time I opened my eyes, I saw her face. The more I saw her face, the more I thought of her voice and her walk and the way she smiled and the reflection of her eyes when they looked at me. I could easily get lost in her eyes.
I felt like an idiot because it was such an innocent thing. There were no fantasies of us running off to seedy motel rooms to screw like bunnies during lunch breaks, or wild stolen kisses and elaborate lies.
The scary thing was that there was nothing like that at all.
And it scared me, because I felt like I was in love.

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