Instantly, I felt the orange light on my face. It burned my eyes and made my forehead burn yet oddly feel cold. The light hung on my features as my heart raced. I could feel her eyes on my face as she looked down the barrel of bright light towards me as everything raged around us. Even though buffeted by the wind, on my face, the flashlight’s stare was still and calm. It didn’t bounce around like a moth.
My heart beat in my ears and I wanted to run downstairs and stand beside her on the lawn. I wanted to feel the storm rip me from the ground as I clutched her damp warm hand, tethering me to earth like a helium balloon. I dreamt of running across the street and into the subdivision with her leading the way, my body aching to be held close, my lips wanting to be kissed. I had never felt anything like this before.

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