New project-Secret Story Club

I’ve started a new project that I’ve been mulling over for quite a while… It’s called the Secret Story Club, and it’s all about anonymous stories…

Everyone has a little secret… a story… something that nags them right when they wake up in the morning and still pesters them as they try and fall asleep at night. It could’ve been something that happened in grade two, or something that you said to a coworker last week. Sometimes the most mundane thoughts can eat away over time, becoming greater in your head than they actually are in real life…

Sometimes it’s easier to write these things down… anonymously, to throw it out there into the void of the world… hoping that it will bounce and bounce until it finds a home that it’ll be happier for ever… A place that it can rest and left hidden, or maybe left to be discovered…

Sounds flaky I know… but from what I’ve heard… people are always looking for an out for their stories.

So here’s the deal:
If you feel like throwing something out there, whether it’s obvious, hidden, imagined or anything else, throw it in the comment field, and if it matches the criteria, I will put it up on the site… (and I won’t tell anyone!)

And don’t worry… I’ll be throwing in little nuggets all the time as well!!

Here’s where you can check it out:

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