From the Nightstand: Coming Next Week

I do a lot of reading… especially at night before I go to bed. My nightstand is a teetering mess of books that I’ve read and others that are waiting to be read. I don’t care what anyone else says about books. How they’re dying and print is a dinosaur and how electronic publishing is the future. I still love books… always will… I love the feel of paper and losing my place and folding over pages and having sand fall out of pages of books I’ve borrowed…

People always ask what I’m reading, and rarely like what I recommend… but it never matters… because I love talking about books.
So… from now on, occasionally I’m going to do some posts, called From the Nightstand, which will be tiny book reviews, comments on stories, as well as book design and how it all fits into my life.

So see you next week for my first From the Nightstand post.

*update- all my reviews will be written in 5 minutes or less as well… so don’t worry about them being long… or good.

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