Ferguson Road


Hey everyone.
So… you might or might not know that I’m a writer. I’ve had a short story collection published via Anteism , and I’ve self published a novel called Throwing Rocks at Beehives.
It’s hard work being an independent writer. Lots of work for little reward, but the finished story is supposed to be the reward right? Right?!

Well, good news! I’ve just published my newest novel, called Ferguson Road. And I’m super excited to post this news today, and hoping that you’ll go check it out on the Apple iBook site, or the Kobo ebook site.
Here’s links to where it can be sampled and purchased, and if you do check it out, I do hope that you enjoy it!

Ferguson Road on Kobo Books.

Ferguson Road on Apple iBooks. (this link will open your iBook app on computer or tablet. Then you can search by book title or by Radnidge)

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