about Scott Radnidge

Scott Radnidge is an artist and writer out of Vancouver Canada. Besides helping to raise two insanely awesome daughters, he writes about and draws the things around him, as well as being constantly sidetracked by stupid things like airplanes landing and watching the space shuttle crossing the nighttime sky…

Visit him at http://www.sradnidge.com, or at http://www.iheartmeteoritesickness.com
Scott just finished his second novel, and is currently working on his third.

Writer/artist CV
As an artist and writer, I am attracted to my surroundings and the way that they affect my daily life. The areas and people that surround me give me the most inspiration; the city is a hub of activity, always bustling with both positive and negative aspects, and that is what I aim to show in my work in both visual and written form.


SLS Writing Competition, 2007
Shortlisted-Semi Finalist, Fiction


Lying on the Sidewalk, Anteism Press. Oct 2009
ISBN: 978-0-9784859-8-6

Vancouverisawesome.com, 2008-09
Blog writer.

Soma Magazine, July 2006, Music Issue
You Say Party We Say Die article

Concrete Skateboarding:
China Creek Article

Color Magazine, Senior Writer
Notable pieces:

Issue # 5.1
Diner intro

Issue # 4.3
Bradley Sheppard interview

Issue # 4.1
Nuf With Guns Article

Issue # 3.2
Athlete interview, Pierre Andre Senzergues Interview

Issue # 3.1
Douglas Coupland Interview

Issue # 2.3
Wall Article

Issue # 2.2
White Line Editorial, Slam City Review

Issue # 2.1
Glass City Article, along with art accompanying article: cityscape # 3

Issue # 1.3
Since When am I A Head Article

The Nerve Magazine: December 2005.
You Say Party We Say Die Interview

This is it Magazine: Issue # 6
Tarmac, Grass, Static Displays

2010: Solo Exhibition, selected drawings-Walrus, Feb 4-March 1/10, Vancouver BC

2009: Annalemma Magazine Online – Untitled Illustration.

2009: Penned Exgibition- Lump Gallery, March 6-28/09- – Raleigh, North Carolina

2009: Carpaccio Magazine-Issue #3 – Untitled Deer Drawing

2008: SBC Magazine-Roadtrip Issue. Canada Paintings.
Volume 10, Issue #5

2008: Penned Exhibition-Pinkard Gallery, Maryland Institute College of Art, July 18-20/08
Baltimore, MD

2008: You Get What You Give Exhibition, Anteism
Various locations throughout Canada. Book to follow

2008: A Rolling Perspective-Photo Exhibition
Various locations throughout Vancouver. Book to follow

2007: Imygrate Exhibition, Anteism
Traveling art project across North America

2006/2007: Said and Done Show
Vancouver, Calgary

Color Magazine, Issue # 4.4
Untitled Bird, Said and Done Show

Color Magazine, Issue # 2.1
Cityscape # 3

2004, Vital Show, Vital Store, Vancouver BC
Untitled, Spray paint on canvas

2001, Art in the Hood, Flower Factory, Vancouver, BC
Untitled: Phone Painting on canvas

2 thoughts on “about Scott Radnidge

  1. You mentioned on VIA blog you know where Expo Ernie is? I’m doing a documentary project on the artifacts of Expo 86 and would love to get access to take some photos.

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