Small town


It took ten minutes to get back to the junction in the road. Aiming south, I continued to drive fast, but was more careful now, since we were nearing a town and that there might be cops around. And being from the city, I was worried about small town cops. All my life, on TV I had learned that small town police were mean and nasty, people who would beat up strangers and lock them up for no reason. I didn’t want to hear the words ‘you’re not from around here are ya…’ from any guy in uniform. I didn’t want to see my sweating reflection in some aviator shades, me looking guilty and nervous for no reason. I didn’t want to be driven to the edge of town and tied to a tree and get beaten up by deputies named Chuck and Randy. I knew that I was being irrational, but it had been ingrained into me. TV had led me astray.

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